Swim Cap Styles

“There are many swim cap styles, which one is best for me?”

When choosing swim cap materials there are two factors that one must consider.

  1. What texture of hair do you have?

  2. What level swimmer are you?

Those considered, I’ll take you through a quick guide to make your shopping and swimming experience outstanding!

The most popular swimming cap option is bu far the silicone cap.. These caps are perfect for those of you who either have long hair, or are involved in competitive swimming. Silicone caps are extremely durable  and form fitting to the head.  An added bonus of these caps is that they don’t loose elasticity over time, which ranks them as sound investment for your swimming repertoire. 

PROs: Dont Pull Hair, Durable, Editor’s Choice

CONS: Slip-Off w/ Body Oils

Latex swim caps are the cheapest caps money can buy. These cpas are not very durable, and thus rip more easily than the other caps on our list, when not properly applied or cared for. On the bright side, latex caps, do tug on the hair better than other caps, which is why many professionals use them as a first layer underneath their silicone swim caps.

PROs: Stay On, Compliment Other Caps, Cheaper Price Point

CONs: Pulls Hair, Poor Durability

Rubber swim caps are truly just a thicker version of latex swimming caps, actually they’re the thickest caps on the market. These caps for the most part are still on the cheaper side, but depending on the performance style can reach up to $25dollars! Due to the fact that these caps are so heavy, and not very stretchy, they tend to be difficult to secure to the head. Athletes primarily use this style swim cap to keep their head temperature high; the thick rubber construction insulates the over the ears keeping the head mostly dry.

PROs: Strongest Cap, Insulates Head Well, Long Life Span

CONs: Little Flexibility, Certain Styles Can Get Pricey

Lycra/Spandex caps are made of a fabric material primarily used in recreational activities. Spandex is a trademarked material, but there are tons of “knock off” brands with near identical consistency!  These style caps are primarily used by individuals with dreadlocks or twists. The caps are durable, flexible, and porous ( meaning that they allow water to pass through).  These caps usually have longest lifespan amid all swim cap styles, so long as they as they are rinsed with cool water after each use. Mind you this is standard proper care protocol for all of your swim training equipment.

PROs: Large Quantities of Hair Can Fit, Long Life Span

CONs: Wet Hair, Lots Of Drag

Neoprene swim caps, are made out of a “wet suit” materials. So if you are one to swim in cold pools, lakes, rivers or ocean conditions this is the swim cap for you! Contrary to urban legend the head is only responsible for 10% of heat loss in the body as opposed to the commonly misquoted 45%. That said, in order to properly protect yourself it is necessary to wear a full body neoprene wetsuit. These swim caps are very smooth to the touch and similar to spandex caps don’t pull your hair in any way or fashion.

PROs: Warm!, Good For Open Water, Protection Form The Elements

CONs: Lots Of Drag/ Best Complimented By Full Body Wetsuit.

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