Hair Care Routine


My pre-practice haircare routine starts the night before. Because of how early I have to get-up and be in the water, I don’t really have the time for heavy maintenance before leaving the house. Each night, my hair care regimen consists of 3 focuses: Replenish, Fortify, & Protect!

The first goal is to replenish the luster and body of my hair from the inside out. In order do this I take 2,500mg of Biotin every other night. Biotin is apart of the Vitamin B complex, it helps to break down amino acids and sugars necessary for maintaining the health of our hair!

Once I’m primed on a cellular level, I step into the shower and go through the classic “wash, rinse, repeat.” The first cycle I lather my hair with a chlorine-neutralizing shampoo. These shampoos tend to be more acidic than average, and so I’ll only use it if I’m swimming consecutive days in a row! This is because human hair has natural ph between 4.5-5.5 (this keeps the scalp free of fungi) and our goal is to achieve that homeostasis again after experiencing chlorination on a level between ph 10-11.


Once I’ve stripped the chlorine from my hair with the shampoo, I then fortify my hair with a hair mask for 10 minutes, flowing my fresh follicles to absorb vitamins and increase the protective layer around each strand before rinsing my hair for a final time each night.  Finally, to ensure that my hair doesn’t dry out overnight, I use a satin bonnet over my mildly damp hair to lock in the moisture. Then in the morning I just take off the bonnet, apply a little bit of olive oil, and experience another day of shiny, strong hair!

After practice I like to rinse my hair with cool water. I don’t use any shampoo or conditioner, because I want my hair to be clean and voluminous for the rest of the day. By rinsing my hair with only water, I can get a good majority of the chlorine out of my hair while avoiding drying out my hair with the added chemical compound of shampoo’s.

Once I’ve rinsed my hair, I pat dry with. towel from the scalp to the end of the hair strand. While my hair is still damp, I swirl a squirt of leave-in-conditioner with a quarter sized splash for argan oil to make sure my hair is shiny and protected. I do this and my hair stays big and beautiful for the next 6-8 hours!

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